Natalie Banks

First Impressions

The tour starts with a picture of Natalie Banks sitting there naked with her legs spread. She`s wearing platform red patent leather high heels and they are a delicious treat for the eyes. Her whole body is a treat, in fact. She hides the pussy in that opening picture but in subsequent shots there`s plenty of it to enjoy. Natalie is uniquely beautiful with a mixed race background that has given her a shining hotness. The teasing pictures on the tour show her fooling with guys, girls and her own self so there`s no question I`m excited to get in there for some fun.

Hot Promises

One of the first statements about the site is that it contains extreme adult content. That sounds like a good start, right` She lists all the content she has inside and the numbers are pretty good. The latest updates are also indicated and so far there`s good production of new content. The more important promises are the ones about the content inside. Pussy eating, hardcore fucking, facials and solo dildo play are all promised. She also indicates you`ll find high quality pictures, DVD quality video, hard girl on girl fun, weekly updates and bonus sites.


Inside the site looks a lot like the tour, which is comforting. The less the change the better in this case. The most recent updates are listed but they should make them clickable so you don`t have to go surfing around to find them. The site is blessedly free of advertisements outside of the guest model page which is essentially a series of ads for other sites. Those ads come in the form of free picture galleries though so we`re okay with that. You can also find all the bonus sites listed on that member`s main page right at the bottom. One click and you`re on a new site since you don`t have to log in again.

The picture sets are listed 20 to a page with a small thumbnail representing each. The date they were added is the only other bit of information and right now she`s adding a new set every week. There are 57 total and they`re currently without zip files, which is a major disappointment. The pictures display at 1200px and for me that`s the perfect size. It`s not so big that I have to do a ton of scrolling to see anything and it`s not so small that I have to lean forward to see anything. The only thing I would change is to make the thumbnails in the galleries a little bigger.

With most picture sets you get a video companion so those are listed in largely the same way. There are 57 of them (the numbers on the tour are not true, presumably because some of the videos offer two versions for download and they`re misleadingly counting those as separate videos). Each movie has a 720x480 clip at 2400kbps and they look fantastic. They`re truly gorgeous movies and they download quickly so you can build a nice collection of Natalie Banks performance art in no time at all. They only provide one picture for each video and omit any description or other information about the scene, which is annoying.

For the most part Natalie is a solo performer but there are a few cases where she brings in someone else to spice things up. There are a few lesbian scenes where she`ll eat pussy and use toys to fuck another chick. There`s one that was taken from another site in the network where Natalie and a blonde go full on lesbian with kissing, tit play, box munching and dildo fucking. In other girl-girl scenes she`ll just get naked with the chick, like the one where she models bikinis with a hottie named Sasha. There`s also one tasty scene where Natalie gives a blowjob.

The vast majority of the content at Natalie Banks is solo and the sexy girl with the long dark hair pulls it off better than most. Her mother was Filipino and her father was American so she has this uniquely beautiful look that stands as the best reason to join her site. I love her pretty face and her smooth, soft body. I think I like her hair best of all though. You`d be surprised at how big a difference a simple hair style can make in a picture set or a video. Natalie can be versatile thanks to her long hair and her willingness to do almost anything with it. She`ll put it in pigtails for a cute set where she models pink lingerie and then she`ll let it go long and make it wavy for a gorgeous and highly seductive set where she puts on sexy lingerie.

Lingerie is a very common theme here at Natalie Banks. She loves her baby dolls, her chemises, her slips and her sexy bra and panty sets. I love a hot chick in lingerie and to see her modeling is always fun. In the picture sets she does the usual kind of stuff. We see the outfit from all angles and then she takes it off so we can check out her hot pussy and tits. She keeps her young snatch shaved, by the way. In the videos she`ll usually get out of her lingerie with relative quickness and then she`ll finger her pussy or stuff a dildo up in there.

One other thing worth mentioning is her propensity for shiny pants and tops like you`d see on a stripper. I`m not sure what that material is called exactly but I know I love the way it looks on babe like this. In a half dozen or so videos and picture galleries you can see her prancing around din the skintight and shiny stuff and it`s pretty fucking remarkable. She has an ass like you wouldn`t believe and those outfits emphasize it more than any others she does. Other outfits include bikinis, sexy dresses and the occasional costume.

There are nine bonus sites that come free when you join Natalie Banks. Those sites offer more girls are more hot action. Five of them are built around solo chicks just like Natalie, although they all look different and bring something unique to the table. There are two lesbian sites, although they`re both rather small with only eight scenes each. The dirty talk site is really interesting and features excellent naughty speak from the lusty ladies that star in its content. There`s also a site for big boob girls.

Croco’s Opinion

Natalie Banks stands apart from most solo babes because she`s such a good looking chick. Her Filipino-American background gives her something other girls just don`t have and she uses it to her advantage. She goes for the glamorous look more often than not with perfect makeup and hair to accentuate her innate gifts. She poses in lingerie, sexy costumes, shiny stripper outfits, slutty dresses and the occasional cute pink shirt and panties. She is most often the sexiest girl around and when she`s not being that she`s simply trying to charm the pants right off of you. The girl has talent and you`d be wise to take advantage of it by joining her site and enjoying all the picture galleries and videos and bonus sites.


The only flaw in the navigation is the lack of information about the videos.

Pricing Policy

It`s $34.95 for the first 30 days and $29.95 for every 30 days after that.

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